Chava Sobol Sapir.

I was born in California and just before my fifth birthday my family moved to Israel. Both my parents were amateur photographers and even had a photo store when I was a kid for a short while.

It is from them that I got my inspiration to pursue my love for photography.

When we came back to the states I decided to go even further with my love for cameras and light, and I obtained a BFA degree in Cinematography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2004.

After graduating I moved to Los Angeles, worked in Hollywood for Behind the Scenes of Feature Films and Documentaries.

At the same time, I kept extra busy by photographing events, weddings, corporate head shots, locations, landscapes people and children all around the globe.

I learned how to balance my life with my passion for photography and my work in the film business.

I prefer to shoot mainly outdoors, preferring natural light.

It is "magic moments" that I love to capture through my lens - the moments many do not see.

For more info, please send email to: info@chavasobol.com